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Enrollment Information


Enrollment in USD 232 schools is limited to students who reside within the district with a parent, or other person acting as a parent, under the definitions and limitations of state and or federal law and policy, and who has attained the age of eligibility for school attendance.

Students entering kindergarten must have reached the age of 5 on or before August 31 of the current school year.

Proof of ResidencyFor initial enrollment, the parent or guardian must provide at least one (1) item from the categories below to support residency verification. The address on the documents must match the residence property address to be listed on registration documents for the student (P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted).

Mortgage Statement or Lease/Rental AgreementThe most current copy of your Mortgage Statement or Lease/Rental Agreement in your name showing residence property address and signatures of lessor/lessee and names of all occupants of the leased residence. (If you are on a month-to-month lease/rental agreement, you will also need to provide the most current month's rental receipt or cancelled check.)

Current Utility Bill 

  • Current Electric Bill
  • Current Home Gas Bill
  • Current Water Bill
  • Current Waste Management Bill

In the case of purchasing a home under construction, a copy of the executed contract showing the residence property address will be required.

Student Information Form - The enrollment documentation shall include a student’s permanent record file with the student’s legal name as it appears on the birth certificate, or as changed by a court order and the name, address, and telephone number of the lawful custodian.

Proof of Identity - Proof of identity is required upon first enrollment of a student in the district. A parent enrolling a student in kindergarten or first grade must provide a certified copy of the birth certificate of the student, or a copy of an appropriate court order. A student enrolling in any of the grades two (2) through twelve (12) must provide a certified transcript or other pupil records or data, or a certified copy of the birth certificate of the student (preferred), or a certified copy of an appropriate court order. If proof of identity of the student is not provided within thirty (30) days after enrollment, the designee of the school board shall immediately give written notice thereof to the appropriate law enforcement agency, which will conduct an investigation to determine the identity of the student.


Non-resident students are those who do not meet the definition of a resident student. Only nonresident students who are children of district employees, those who are in the process of moving into the district, and those who have completed their junior year as a district resident may be admitted to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment and supplies are available. (Criteria for admission: academic standing, attendance, and disciplinary record). Applications for nonresident student enrollment must be submitted annually. A non-resident student who has been suspended or expelled from another district will not be admitted to the district unless approved by the board. Students whose parents are in the process of moving into or out of the district may enroll temporarily as non-residents by completing the required form and submitting appropriate documentation. This is done to help students avoid having to change schools in the middle of a semester. Information about residency requirements may be obtained from the school.