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The cost of a student lunch is $2.85.

Parents (or other adults approved by parents) are welcome to eat lunch with their OWN children in our cafeteria. We do ask that you sign up for your lunch spot ahead of time, as we do only offer limited spots per day.

You may order lunch from the cafeteria by calling the school office by 9:30 a.m.- this allows us to be prepared for you.  Adult lunches are $4.35 and can be paid from your child's lunch account. They might even think it's cool to buy you lunch!

If you'd prefer, you are welcome to bring in an outside lunch for your child and yourself only

Only students with visitors are allowed to eat in the east activity area.  Please do not plan to bring lunch or share lunch items with children who are not yours. 

Your child is welcome to bring peanut products at lunch only because there is a designated area to keep children with allergies safe and hands are washed after lunch. We really appreciate your help keeping your child's snacks healthy and peanut free!