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Visiting Riverview

  • All visitors to the building must enter/exit and sign in/out of the front office.
  • Visitors must wear an green, visible ID lanyard or provided VISITOR sticker area between 8:30 - 4:00.
  • When a visitor/volunteer signs in, the building secretary checks with the teacher to verify the purpose of the visit. Teachers have been directed to decline unexpected visitors during instructional time.
  • Parents may deliver items to the office, and these items will then be delivered to the classroom. Parents are not allowed to deliver items to the child in the classroom (coats, homework, lunches, etc.) during the school day.
  • Visitors may not walk with children back to the classroom after lunch.
  • There are several students in the building who may not have their picture taken by anyone; we ask that visitors please refrain from doing so unless it is your own student/family member(s).